How to wallpaper

What do I need to hang wallpaper?

  • Wallpaper
  • Scissors
  • Paste/bucket
  • Wallpaper Tables
  • Brushes
  • Stepladder
  • Razor knife
  • A Level
  • Pencil and a straight edge
  • Wallpaper smoother
  • Measuring tape

Give yourself plenty of room to work in, and some old cloths would work wonders to wipe away the glue from your hands.
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Wallpaper Vs Paint


  • Wallpaper lasts five years longer than paint.
  • Most vinyls can last up to 15 years without getting dirty.
  • Cheaper than painting over time.
  • You can have different colored wallpaper on different walls.
  • More texture can be given to the walls because of the different styles of wallpaper, from plain to ornate.
  • Wallpaper can be designed the way you want and designs placed on to wallpaper digitally.
  • There are so many functions that wallpaper can perform, such as glow-in-the-dark, leather wall, magnetic, cork, deodorizing, and electromagnetic shielding.


  • Paint gets dirty quickly.
  • You would have to paint it every three years due to it being easily stained.
  • It’s colder in the winter, increasing your winter bills.
  • This is an expensive option over time.
  • Less texture can be given to paint.

Different types of wallpaper

There are many different wallpaper types out there. Wallpaper types can depend on the quality, such as the face of the paper on completion. Knowing about the different types of wallpaper will help you decide which wallpaper is best suited for you.

Pulps: These are a less costly option than other quality papers. The advantage of pulps paper it that is easy to strip off and place on your walls. One of the disadvantages of this wallpaper is that it is easily extended when placed on to the walls, which results in it not matching to the next strip of wallpaper.

Washable: This type of wallpaper has a thin clear layer of plastic covering the basic wallpaper. This allows the wallpaper to be wiped down with a cloth.

Vinyl-coated: This quality of paper has a slender layer of plastic on top of the wallpaper, which is backed by a rear paperback. This wallpaper is best suited for any room in your home. Vinyl coating is also washable.

Vinyl: With this paper, you would paste the wall before you can hang the paper. This paper can be used any room in the house. This is a tough paper and has a strong front face. A benefit to having this paper is that it's washable.

Embossed-patterned papers: This is a paper that is patterned and has a design-effect, which can range from bright to casual lines in any format. This style would not need to match the next wallpaper strip. However, this wallpaper pattern can be heavily embossed, which will require the next strip of wallpaper to match with the previous one. Embossed wallpaper is excellent for walls that require a little DIY, and it would look better when painted.

Blown vinyl: This is a strong wallpaper, as it has a fine plastic layer on the face of the paper. However, it is not possible to paint over blown vinyl.

Flock: This wallpaper is different to the rest, as it has fresh feel to it. It would provide a tasteful look when used in the home. Most flock wallpaper has a fiber finish, which provides a luxury touch.

Paper wallpaper (woven): This is the most popular wallpaper on the market today; it is also known as simplex. This is a traditional wallpaper, allowing for easy hang up. This type of wallpaper has a flat surface and is the best value for money.

Non-woven: Also known as paste-the-wall. As stated, you will need to apply the paste to the wall first instead of the wallpaper. This may arrive in several formats, such as vinyl, coated vinyl, embossed and flock. This is a modern concept in the wallpaper world, as trends show that more and more home-owners are decorating their houses with non-woven wallpaper.

Surface repair

If your walls have blotches or holes, you are advised to fill them with dry wall compound.

After the compound has dried out, be sure to sand it down so that it's the same level as the rest of the wall.

If it's a plaster board, it needs to be filled with a gypsum-based filler. After drying, place some more gypsum on top.

If there's a crack, you need to use a damp cloth to wipe down over the crack, then fill it with filler and put a thin fiberglass tape over it.

Leave it for 30 minutes and then go over it with more filler. For large cracks, you would have to use fiberglass tape. Be sure to place the strips vertically.

Once it has been left to dry, sand it down with sandpaper.

Any stains can be treated with stain-removers.

If you have mold, you would need to use a peroxide to remove it, and for any oil stains, you would need to apply an acrylic-base solution.

Wall Preparation

The information that has been collected here has been approved by several professionals. You must take care when placing products onto your walls and following what is mentioned on the product item. It is also important that you follow the manufacturer’s and adhesive’s instructions, in order to best prepare your walls.

On an oil or a painted-with-latex wall that is dry, use an acrylic primer.

On a dry wall that is painted, use a sealer.

On a new plaster board, you just apply adhesive.

On an older plaster board, acrylic or a primer sealer is required.

Sealer must be used if the wall requires attention.

If a wall has mold or stains, you would need to use a stain primer. However, bleach would need to be applied first on the mould.

A sealer would need to be applied if it was a new drywall.

With a residual wallpaper paste, you would need to use a primer or a sealer.

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