How to buy the right wallpaper?

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How to buy the right wallpaper?

One of the key things you should look at is the sort of items you have in the room and what type of look you are going for in this room.  You could get an interior designer to come and tell you what colour wallpaper you need but wallpaper is an expensive investment, which means you should budget for the paper and the labour. You can also get help from magazines and the internet. When going through the magazine, make notes and narrow down your choices!

First thing to do is to grab a scrap book and brainstorm all the awesome things you want this room to be Also, remember to measure the walls so you know how much wallpaper you will need. 

Secondly, grab your amazing ideas and take them to a DIY store and speak to a specialist. While you are there, why not grab as many samples as possible to take back home and experiment on your wall. One tip is to pay attention to the material you want and the colour of the wallpaper. Another tip when considering your wallpaper is to have in mind where it’s going to go and whether it will be easy to maintain and clean.

Thirdly, when spending for wallpaper you need to have a budget in mind. For Paper, vinyl prices will start from £4.50 ($9) and the most you would pay is £45($90) a roll.

Lastly, make sure you have enough rolls to cover the walls! You should always take roughly 10% extra because they can become discontinued and you could be charged a higher price next time.  Just another final pointer, when picking out the rolls, make sure they are all from the same batch number and it is one that won’t fade in the sun,light. It’s always best to get extra rolls just to make sure you have enough, the retailer will always take them back so long as they’re still packed the way they came.

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