Shiny Surfaces Wallpaper

Shiny Surfaces Wallpaper

Wallpaper can create all kinds of effects on your walls, including a glossy or shiny surface. The reflected light can make your room feel bigger, brighter and more open. Using shiny surfaces wallpaper rather than paint enables you to add colours and patterns too.

If you already have shiny surfaces and you want to update them with wallpaper, it's important to get the technique right. You may be wondering can I wallpaper over painted walls and is wallpaper primer necessary?

It is sometimes possible to hang wallpaper onto a painted or wallpapered surface. However, water soluble paints and textured or torn wallpaper will need to be removed. Can you wallpaper over emulsion paint? It depends on the type. Glossy paint will need to be sanded to create a rough surface so the wallpaper will stick. Other ways of preparing walls for wallpaper after removing wallpaper or paint include priming or sizing the wall. A primer can help wallpaper to stick to shiny surfaces and ensures you get more even results. Sizing walls with wallpaper paste can also help by creating the right surface. You can prepare your own wallpaper sizing mix from your paste. You should make sure that you have a high quality wallpaper primer sealer and that you know how much to dilute wallpaper paste for sizing.

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