Plaster Effects Wallpaper

Plaster Effects Wallpaper

Plaster wallpaper can achieve the same effects as bare plaster walls, but with much less effort. You can simply hang the wallpaper to get instant results. You can create a traditional room with old plaster effect wallpaper, an elegant space featuring marbled Venetian plaster wallpaper, or a shabby chic feel with distressed effect wallpaper.

Plaster effects wallpaper is particularly popular for kitchens and bathrooms. Bare walls are a favourite look for these rooms, but they can be vulnerable to problems such as mould and damp. A water resistant plaster effect wallpaper can look just as good, without having any issues with the moisture. Another common reason for choosing wallpaper that looks like old plaster is that it can be cleaner and easier to take care of than real plaster walls. You won't have any issues with crumbling plaster when you achieve the look you want with distressed plaster wallpaper instead.

You can achieve all of the same looks with plaster effects wallpaper as you could with bare plaster walls. You can choose between a variety of designs, ranging from wallpaper that looks like Venetian plaster to distressed plaster effect wallpaper. Different kinds of plaster effect wallpaper UK can be used to create elegant, luxurious interiors and traditional, rustic designs using rough plaster effect wallpaper.

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