Paint Effects

Paint Effects

Paint effects can be a great way to make your home unique. Wall paint effects sponging, stencilling or decorating a room can have a dramatic impact. However, while some paint effects for walls interiors are simple to create, it can be tricky to get it just right. Paint effects wallpaper can be a great alternative.

Paint effect wallpapers come in a wide range of styles, from elegant stencil-like patterns to shabby chic paint effects. You can even find wallpaper that resembles techniques such as paint effects on wood distressing the surface. Other wallpapers are so detailed that they look like paint effects photoshopped onto the paper or murals painted on your walls. The many different paint effects that are available can help you create a space that reflects your own personal style.

If you want to create a truly unique space, you can also combine your wallpaper with additional paint effects. Most wallpaper is paintable, so it can easily be customised. You could also use paint effects for furniture to create some bespoke pieces for the room that match the decorative paint effects or wallpaper on your walls. Paint effects on wood can also be used on doors or around skirting boards and windows, to create a room that is as individual as you are.

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Coswigs Belcanto Light Cream

This delicate and feminine wallpaper will enchant you with its beauty. The baby soft pink and cream ..

£10.99 rrp: £15.99 | save: £5.00

Debona Arizona Blue

Wallpaper so good, we bought it twice! Start spreading the news...This wallpaper's great...You wa..

£6.50 rrp: £9.99 | save: £3.49

Debona Marrakesh Cream

In need of a holiday? How about Marrakesh – let’s go together! The Marrakesh wallpaper is a real ..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Debona New York White

Wallpaper so good, we bought it twice! Start spreading the news...This wallpaper's great...You wa..

£6.50 rrp: £9.99 | save: £3.49

Dutch Wallcoverings Baby Cruising Dog

For the little monsters who are going to brake hearts! This is an easy to clean wallpaper which i..

£8.99 rrp: £12.99 | save: £4.00

Erismann Classic Moments Pink Cream

This is the mother of all wallpapers! Having this plush floral wallpaper on your walls would sure..

£13.00 rrp: £18.99 | save: £5.99

Erismann Rubinia Light Cream

This wallpaper is truly one of a kind with its picturesque, shabby chic and lush design. The opulent..

£11.99 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.00

Fine Decor Edene Sidewall Red and Gold

Striking yet beautiful, like you!  Fine decor: the Eden range includes high-quality wallpape..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Fine Decor Woodland Beige

This artistic and modern wallpaper is absolutely show stopping. The stunningly designed trees in sof..

£8.50 rrp: £11.99 | save: £3.49

Galerie Wallcoverings Shades Floritina Begie

This romantic and enchanting design will certainly add opulence to any wall in your home. The charmi..

£44.00 rrp: £61.99 | save: £17.99

Grandeco 5th Avenue Light Brown

This American themed wallpaper will instantly give any room in your home a unique and glamour vibe. ..

£7.50 rrp: £10.99 | save: £3.49

Grandeco Eleganza Pink Motif

Eleganza is a modern and elegant wallpaper which will instantly captivate and enchant anyone who see..

£8.99 rrp: £12.99 | save: £4.00