Non Woven Wallpaper

Non Woven Wallpaper

Non woven wallpaper is growing in popularity as it offers an easy to use alternative that is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Our non woven wallpaper suppliers have created many different designs, so there are options to suit every room, style and colour scheme.

Non woven wallpaper manufacturers use special materials to create a wallcovering that is water resistant and breathable. The material doesn't include any vinyl, so it is a very environmentally friendly option.

One good reason to pick non woven wallpaper is that it is more resistant to moisture. The wallpaper is more breathable, which allows water to escape. The materials used in non woven wallpaper UK products are also washable, so they're easy to wipe clean. You are less likely to experience problems such as mould when you choose non woven wallpaper bathroom or kitchen designs.

Another good reason to buy non woven wallpaper online is that it is easier to use. Non woven wallpaper hanging instructions are much simpler than for woven wall coverings. Non woven wall coverings are less likely to tear and they won't shrink or stretch after you've put them up. It is also much easier to remove non woven wallpaper as it can be taken off the wall dry.

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AlmaPlast Wallcoverings Fence Panel Grey

Wood-effect wallpaper, the modern and exciting way to add dimension and class into any room in your ..

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Almaplast Wallcoverings Relish Grey

This gorgeous wallpaper is original and dynamic. It's perfect in any creative environment and this w..

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Almaplast Wallcoverings Super Brick Red

This innovative and quirky design is a true representation of modern fashion and edginess. The capti..

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As Creation San Francisco Black

The San Francisco range embodies all the beauty and grace of classical elegance. The bold black back..

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Coleman and Bros Wallpaper Circle Ancient

This eye-catching and quirky wallpaper is truly one of a kind. The powerful contrasting colours of b..

NOW: £20.99 WAS: £29.99 | SAVE: £9.00

Coleman Bros Wallpaper Marburg Estelle Teal

This beautiful cutting-edge design with not only capture your hearts but also capture your imaginati..

NOW: £17.99 WAS: £25.99 | SAVE: £8.00

Coleman Bros Wallpaper Tech Flower Cream

This luxurious and show stopping wallpaper can only be described as glamorous with a touch of artist..

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Debona My Room Pink

As the perfect addition to any children's roo,m our Debona My Room Pink is a playful wallpaper that'..

NOW: £6.50 WAS: £9.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Erismann Zephyr Teal

Zephry wallpaper will instantly add luxury and culture into your home. This oriental- inspired paper..

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Fine Decor Annabelle Yellow

This stunning wallpaper is full of autumn charm and would add a dash of character into your home. Th..

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Fine Decor Apex Wave Grey

I know this is so you... well i hope it is lol Futuristic geometric design in a grey ..

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Fine Decor Apex Wave Teal

I know this is so you... well i hope it is lol Futuristic geometric design in a teal ..

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