Girls Wallpaper

Girls Wallpaper

Picking the right children's bedroom wallpaper can create a pleasant place for both bedtime and playtime. It's important to find a wallpaper that matches your child's personality, whether she loves everything pink and girly or prefers something else entirely. We've got plenty of choices for redecorating as your child grows and changes.

We've got some great girls wallpaper for nurseries, including the traditional pink wallpaper. Picking a simple design such as pink striped wallpaper can be a good idea, but older girls will be able to choose a design that matches their interests. You might want to pick out flowery, butterfly print or ballerina wallpaper together. However, there are plenty of less conventional wallpapers for girls too. We've got designs with stars, birds, and all kinds of patterns that will work for both girls and boys wallpaper.

As your girl grows up, she'll probably want to change her room to match her personality. We've got some unique teenage wallpaper designs to help her to create her own personal space. She might want to pick out a brightly coloured emoji themed wallpaper or a sophisticated abstract pattern in her favourite colours. We've got something to suit everyone, from bold graffiti prints to pink, girly wallpapers for bedrooms.

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AS Creation Pink Brick Design Wallpaper Embossed Textured

Cheerful, colourful and varied. With the Club Tropicana campaign by A.S. Creations, brings you t..

NOW: £13.99 WAS: £19.99 | SAVE: £6.00

Debona Emoji Wallpaper White

Emoji wallpaper comes with big smile   The fun loving Emoji wallpaper  you just ..

NOW: £7.50 WAS: £10.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Debona Emoji Yellow

Emoji what's your favorite face  The fun loving Emoji face wallpaper, everyone, hidde..

NOW: £7.45 WAS: £10.99 | SAVE: £3.54

Debona Hearts Pink

With a war,m friendly design, our Debona Hearts Pink wallpaper is the perfect choice for the wallpap..

NOW: £6.50 WAS: £9.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Debona My Room Aqua

As the perfect addition to any children's roo,m our Debona My Room Aqua is a playful wallpaper that ..

NOW: £8.50 WAS: £11.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Debona My Room Pink

As the perfect addition to any children's roo,m our Debona My Room Pink is a playful wallpaper that'..

NOW: £6.50 WAS: £9.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Debona Paw Patrol White

The Paw Patrol gang comes with a big smile   The fun loving pet patrol gang are on the cha..

NOW: £9.38 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.61

Debona Plain Pink

If you've been searching for an inviting wallpaper to decorate your home, look no further than our D..

NOW: £6.50 WAS: £9.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Debona Plain Red

Considered to be the colour of passion and popular in the living areas of any home, red is one colou..

NOW: £6.50 WAS: £9.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Debona Sparkle Rose Gold

Add a splash of glamourous rose wallpaper to your walls with our Debona Sparkle Rose Gold wallp..

NOW: £19.99 WAS: £27.99 | SAVE: £8.00

Dutch Wallcoverings Blue Stars

Our baby blue Dutch Wallcoverings Blue Stars design makes the perfect addition to a child's bedroom ..

NOW: £8.50 WAS: £11.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Dutch Wallcoverings Blue Stars Stripes

Like our Dutch Wallcoverings Blue Stars design, this wallpaper features a clean and cosmic design th..

NOW: £7.99 WAS: £11.99 | SAVE: £4.00