Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric Wallpaper

Geometric wallpaper comes in a wide variety of patterns and colours, so there is something to suit every style. You can pick big, bold shapes to make a dramatic statement or a subtle, delicate pattern that will give your room a sophisticated look.

Geometric patterns come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose between large and small scale patterns, rounded and angular shapes, and complex and simple arrangements. A geometric triangle wallpaper with big, bold patterns could create a very sleek, modern look. However, a softer geometric pattern featuring delicate circles would have the opposite effect on your room.

You can create any kind of atmosphere with the right geometric wallpaper. We have some bold patterns that could be used on statement walls for dramatic geometric pattern living rooms. We've also got some pretty shapes that would be great for geometric wallpaper bedroom designs. Geometric patterns can work anywhere in your home, as long as you pick the right style.

Choosing the right colour is also vital when you're picking geometric wallpaper for walls in any room. We have geometric patterns in a wide range of colours. You can choose between bright, pastel and even metallic geometric wallpaper, so there is sure to be something that matches your colour scheme.

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Almaplast Wallcoverings Super Brick Red

Bricks at the ready This funky brick-style wallpaper would add that finishing touch to any room a..

£9.50 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.49

Almaplast Wallcoverings Super Star

Shoot for the stars in life! Aim for the stars in life and receive the very best! This wallpaper ..

£8.99 rrp: £12.99 | save: £4.00

Apex Black

 Welcome to the new building block of lifeFuturistic geometric design in black on a textured ba..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Apex Blue

 Welcome to the new building block of lifeFuturistic geometric design in Blue on a textured bac..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Apex Rose Gold

 Welcome to the new building block of lifeFuturistic geometric design in Rose Gold on a texture..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Apex Yellow

 Welcome to the new building block of lifeFuturistic geometric design in Yellow on a textured b..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Arthouse Brick White

White Hot This would add that finishing touch to any room – this white brick-style wallpaper will..

£7.99 rrp: £11.99 | save: £4.00

Arthouse Compass White

Lead me to my next holiday pretty pleaseYou will never be senseless of any direction with this class..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Arthouse Glitz Black

It’s about the glamAre you in with the glamor? This wallpaper is of high quality, offering your..

£11.99 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.00

Coleman and Bros Wallpaper Circle Ancient

Glamor is a must in life How else will you be at your best? An excellent design – you know y..

£23.99 rrp: £33.99 | save: £10.00

Coswigs Belcanto Light Cream

Happy living with this wallpaper! This is the only wallpaper that you will ever need! It has a fa..

£12.99 rrp: £18.99 | save: £6.00

Debona Arizona Blue

Wallpaper so good, we bought it twice! Start spreading the news...This wallpaper's great...You wa..

£7.99 rrp: £11.99 | save: £4.00