Feature Wallpaper

Feature Wallpaper

Wallpaper can make a dramatic statement when it is used effectively in your home. Creating a wallpaper accent or feature wall can be a great way to draw attention to a spectacular design.

Feature walls can work particularly well in smaller or oddly shaped rooms. You can choose a single wall to become a focal point in the room. You'll be able to put up a spectacular designer wallpaper to draw the eye, without overwhelming the room by putting it on every wall. The right wallpaper UK design could also work well as a mural. Other good feature wallpaper ideas for living rooms include papering just the chimneybreast or one small nook or corner. It can brighten up the room and help it to feel bigger.

As well as being an attractive option, a feature wall can also be a good choice if you are looking for cheap wallpaper. You won't need to use the feature wallpaper on every wall, so you can save a little on your redecorating. You might even be able to afford your favourite designer wallpaper if you're only using it on a small part of the room. You can get the perfect hallway, bedroom dining or living room wallpaper without breaking your budget.

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AlmaPlast Wallcoverings Fence Panel Grey

Wood-effect wallpaper, the modern and exciting way to add dimension and class into any room in your ..

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Almaplast Wallcoverings Relish Grey

This gorgeous wallpaper is original and dynamic. It's perfect in any creative environment and this w..

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Almaplast Wallcoverings Super Brick Red

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Arthouse Compass White

Featuring unique compass design atop a neutral backdrop, this wallpaper will bring out the explorer ..

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Arthouse Crush Foil Silver

Will you marry me?The Silver crush foil wallpaper is a heavyweight wallpaper in vinyl is o..

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Arthouse Olivia Red

This is the angel in your life! This wallpaper has a cutting-edge design and is the style for any..

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AS Creation Blown Paintable White

Real life embossed floral wallpaper is now a must-have with it being a paint over wallpaper it ..

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As creation Anaglypta Blown White

Real life embossed plain wallpaper is now a must-have with it being a paint over wallpaper it w..

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As Creation Blown Vinyl Paintable

Real life embossed striped floral wallpaper is now a must-have with it being a paint over wallp..

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AS Creation Blue Star Glitter Embossed Blown Vinyl Textured


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As Creation Brick Red

Real life brick wallpaper is now the current and modern fashion must have. It features a realistic a..

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