Check Wallpaper

Check Wallpaper

Check patterned wallpaper comes in many different styles and colours to suit all kinds of interior designs. Check wallpaper can be a great choice if you are going for a traditional look, but it will also suit rooms where you are going for a modern, geometric or abstract style.

The checked pattern of lines and squares can be the perfect choice if you want something that isn't too distracting, but which won't be too plain either. It can create a more interesting background than a plain wall, but without too much detail or colour. Check wallpaper can therefore help to set off your furniture or the pictures hanging on your walls.

Check patterned wallpaper comes in various colour combinations, so you can choose one that will suit your room. Although everyone's taste is different, some of the most popular check patterns are in earth tones, cream and beige wallpaper. Many people choose check wallpaper because they want a subtle, traditional look for their room. However, we've got some check patterns that are a little brighter too, including some that combine sections of check with other patterns and designs. You can also use check wallpaper to set off a feature wall in a complementary or contrasting colour.

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