Animal Wallpaper

Animal Wallpaper

Animal themed wallpaper is a popular choice for children's rooms, but birds and animals feature on some of our more sophisticated wallpaper designs too. Choosing animal wallpaper for home is a great way to add some character to your walls.

We've got lots of cheerful, brightly coloured children's animal wallpaper, so you can surround your little one with friendly faces as they fall asleep. Pick out their favourite animal or choose some brightly coloured cartoon creatures for your animal wallpaper nursery. Little kids love being surrounded by bold shapes, bright colours and animals they can learn to name as they grow.

Animal bedroom wallpaper is also becoming a popular choice for grown ups and it can work well in other parts of the house too. We have some very elegant designs combining birds, butterflies and flowers, as well as some unusual animal wallpaper UK to help you to create a unique home. Fun animal wallpaper isn't just for kids rooms any more, so take a look around the website to find something that catches your eye. Animal wallpaper could be just what you need to liven up your living room or to make a dramatic statement on your dining room feature wall.

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AS Creation Whale White

This tranquil and relaxing paper embodies the natural beauty of marine life. The majestic killer wha..

NOW: £8.99 WAS: £12.99 | SAVE: £4.00

CWV Woodland rabbits Wallcoverings Teal

Would you like to own these animals for Christmas?An excellent Rabbit, deer and bird design sho..

NOW: £10.99 WAS: £15.99 | SAVE: £5.00

Debona Woodland Grey

Anyone with an adoration for woodland settings will surely gravitate to our Debona Woodland Grey wal..

NOW: £7.45 WAS: £10.99 | SAVE: £3.54

Dutch Wallcoverings Baby Cruising Dog

If you're looking for fresh, fun and funky wallpaper, you can't go wrong with our Dutch Wallcovering..

NOW: £8.99 WAS: £12.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Dazzle Tree Black

This gorgeous print from the Dazzle Tree collection is one of a kind. The stunning bold and strong b..

NOW: £8.99 WAS: £12.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Edene Sidewall Red and Gold

Striking yet beautiful, like you!  Fine decor: the Eden range includes high-quality wallpape..

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Flamingo Lime

 A lime and white flamingo wallpaper is extremely fun and sassy. This charming paper is full of..

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Flamingo White

 A white flamingo wallpaper is extremely fun and sassy. This charming paper is full o..

NOW: £10.99 WAS: £15.99 | SAVE: £5.00

Fine Decor Hoopla Farm Animals peach

Animals – we all love them! QuackNeighBaaaaThese are just some of the sounds you’d hear from an a..

NOW: £11.50 WAS: £16.99 | SAVE: £5.49

Fine Decor Kariba Sidewall light Purple

Kariba Sidewall is an exotic and striking wallpaper with a touch of opulence. This one of a kind wal..

NOW: £8.99 WAS: £12.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Leopard Orange

This is an amazing new design combined with a leopard print, giving you your own Amazon experience.L..

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Peacock Duck Egg Blue

This fab paper is cleanable and strippable. It will go on with ease as its backing is wall frien..

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00