Kitchen Wallpaper

Kitchen Wallpaper

Choosing the right wallpaper for your kitchen isn't just about finding a colour and pattern that you like. You also need to choose wallpaper that will be able to cope with the steam, splashes and spills that happen when you are cooking.

We have a range of hardwearing washable wallpaper for kitchens that are designed to endure this tough environment. The water resistant kitchen wallpaper vinyl is easy to wipe clean if you make a mess, but it will also look great on your walls. Our kitchen friendly wallpapers come in a wide range of patterns and colours, so you won't have to compromise your style in order to get easy to clean walls.

Take a look at our selection of kitchen wallpaper UK to find a design that suits you. We've got vinyl wallpapers in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles so there is sure to be something that matches your personal taste. One of the most popular options is kitchen wallpaper that looks like tile, as it can blend in with the tiled surfaces around your sink or stovetop. We've got a great selection of tiled wallpapers as well as traditional, modern and unusual designs for your kitchen.

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Almaplast Wallcoverings Super Brick Red

This innovative and quirky design is a true representation of modern fashion and edginess. The capti..

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00

AS Creation Brick White

Real life brick wallpaper is now a must have. This fashionable paper is realistic and captivating wh..

NOW: £8.50 WAS: £11.99 | SAVE: £3.49

AS Creation Kitchen Patterned Brick Design Wallpaper

This Kitchen is the centre piece of a house, so therefore this is know as the beautiful and cosy roo..

NOW: £14.99 WAS: £20.99 | SAVE: £6.00

AS Creation Vinyl Wallpaper White

Real life embossed plain wallpaper is now a must-have with it being a paint over wallpaper it w..

NOW: £10.99 WAS: £15.99 | SAVE: £5.00

AS Creation Yellow 3D Folding Paper Pattern Embossed

The first wallpaper collection by the renowned product and interior designer Werner Aisslinger ..

NOW: £15.99 WAS: £22.99 | SAVE: £7.00

Erismann Brick White

Our Erismann Brick White wallpaper creates a subtle brick-like effect in any environment that you ch..

NOW: £11.50 WAS: £16.99 | SAVE: £5.49

Erismann Rubinia Light Orange and Brown

This wallpaper is truly one of a kind with its picturesque, shabby chic and lush design. The opulent..

NOW: £11.99 WAS: £16.99 | SAVE: £5.00

Erismann Slogan Red

This slogan paper is fun, modern and edgy, what more could you want for your walls. With a truly epi..

NOW: £11.99 WAS: £16.99 | SAVE: £5.00

Erismann Stone Grey

Stone effect paper is now a fashion must have and this unique design is one-of-a-kind. The realistic..

NOW: £10.99 WAS: £15.99 | SAVE: £5.00

Erismann Wood Grey

This shabby chic destressed wood effect paper embodies the fashionable rustic trend.This paper is pe..

NOW: £8.50 WAS: £11.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Erismann Wood Red

This shabby chic destressed wood effect paper embodies the fashionable rustic trend. The wallpaper i..

NOW: £8.50 WAS: £11.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Fine Decor Ceramica Glitter Black

Our Fine Decor Ceramica black wallpaper is the height of residential chic. The trendy oblong-effect ..

NOW: £12.99 WAS: £18.99 | SAVE: £6.00