Yellow Wallpaper

Yellow Wallpaper

Bring the cheerful colour of sunshine into your home with these high quality yellow wallpapers. Cool yellow and neutral patterns give a focused and organized energy to a home office space. As far as florals are concerned, yellow is a perennial choice. Long supple vines climb beautifully against this energizing hue. There are also plenty of modern floral prints that use abstract blossoms to complement clean design lines.

The right design with the right type of yellow can transform your house into a home, so try out a few different options. Plush Wallpaper sends out thousands of samples of every year. It's important to see what your wallpaper looks like in your space, so order trial swatches of all of your best alternatives. Whether it's a floral, a fun geometric design or anything in between, Plush Wallpaper has the paper that perfects your room.

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Arthouse Chinoise Yellow

Tweet TweetCome on, take me home – you know you want to. My name’s Fiona. What’s yours?This is a fan..


Coswigs Picturesque Orange and Grey

Have the winning wallpaper of the year on your walls  A highly fashionable, floral design,..


Debona Arizona Blue

Wallpaper so good, we bought it twice! Start spreading the news...This wallpaper's great...You wa..


Debona Space Blue

Spaceships – what spaceships? Cool space wallpaper with spaceships and rockets. A great wallpaper..


Emoji Wallpaper White

Emoji wallpaper comes with big smile   The fun loving Emoji wallpaper  you just ..


Fine Decor Annabelle Yellow

Fancy playing in these magical woods?This sumptuous Annabella in Yellow wallpaper features a beautif..


Grand Deco Geo Yellow

For you!Futuristic geo design in a beautiful wavy design on a textured background, with roots in the..


Grand Deco Kew Yellow

Tweet TweetCome on, take me home – you know you want to! My name’s Fiona. What’s yours?This is a fan..


Grand Deco Persian Yellow

A hint of glam!The Persian glitter in yellow wallpaper will add a touch of sparkle to your room. A s..


Grand Deco Porto Yellow

Welcome to your new Kitchen do you like?The modern and fun Kitchen Love in a tile design in yellow. ..


Holden Decor Caligraphy Neutral

We'll always have Paris The Calligraphy wallpaper in creams and grey, featuring delicate and dist..


Holden Decor Daisy Yellow

This is the angel in your room today!This wallpaper has a cutting-edge design  which brings sun..


Holden Decor Globetrotter Cream

Can you spot your city here?Where do you you want to travel today?This super-stylish map w..


Holden Decor Phoebe White

Tweet Tweet Come on, take me home – you know you want to! My name’s Fiona. What’s yours? This ..


Holden Decor Road Works Ahead Blue

Who's turn is it to dig the roads today?A  road works wallpaper is a fun, kids design which is ..