White Wallpaper

White Wallpaper

Like it’s opposite, white goes with everything. Unlike black however, white speaks of freshness, purity and simplicity. White offers a blank slate and at Plush Wallpaper, we offer those slates with a variety of overlaid prints, colours and textures both subtle and bold. We’ll help you create a clean and elegant atmosphere with muted patterns or a fun, playful feeling with knock-their-socks-off prints featuring colourful handprints, dogs in sunglasses, garden scenes and more.

Leading designers and manufacturers have combined their talents to deliver the highest quality wallpaper and Plush Wallpaper is proud to carry these superior collections. Their quality is matched only by our customer service. We care about our customers and we want to ensure you are happy with your choice. Contact us for professional design ideas and recommendations that can help you create the look and feeling you want in your home.

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Almaplast Wallcoverings Brick White

Bricks at the readyThis funky brick-style wallpaper would add that finishing touch to any room and m..


Arthouse Brick White

White Hot This would add that finishing touch to any room – this white brick-style wallpaper will..


Arthouse Compass White

Lead me to my next holiday pretty pleaseYou will never be senseless of any direction with this class..


Arthouse Retro Collage Charcoal

Fly my beauties, fly!The butterfly and postage retro wallpaper really is the height of fashion, feat..


Arthouse Sing to me Red

Going on holiday anytime soon?This new quirky collection comes with an amazing bird design in the co..


AS Creation Brick White

Scientists have discovered a new white brick come in a see. This would add that finishing touch..


As Creation San Francisco Black

Floral fashion...The San Francisco range wallpaper encompasses graceful, star-like petals in a glitt..


AS Creation Whale White

Welcome to the Sea life centre? An excellent tile on a roll wallpaper design with whales swimmi..


Behang Expresse Onszelf Star White

Shoot for the stars in life! Aim for the stars in life and receive the very best! This wallpaper ..


Debona Arizona Blue

Wallpaper so good, we bought it twice! Start spreading the news...This wallpaper's great...You wa..


Debona Brick Grey

On top of the world  This would add that finishing touch to any room – this white brick-styl..


Debona Brick White

On top of the world This would add that finishing touch to any room – this white brick-style wa..


Debona Butterfly White

Fly, my beauties, fly!The butterfly wallpaper really is the height of fashion, featuring a breath-ta..


Debona Dotty White

who's the best in your house?This would add that finishing touch to any room. With this black,grey&n..


Debona Marrakesh Silver

In need of a holiday? How about Marrakesh? The Marrakesh wallpaper is a real class act. A beau..