Purple Wallpaper

Purple Wallpaper
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Blossom White

Sumer is here to stayThe wallpaper 303414 by Rasch brings a fascinating wall design into your home.T..

£13.99 rrp: £19.99 | save: £6.00

Erismann Chloe Purple

Kiss! One of the first rules in design is K.I.S.S. – which stands for "Keep it simple, stupid"! I..

£11.50 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.49

Erismann Florence Mauve

Kiss!  One of the first rules in design is K.I.S.S. – which stands for "Keep it simple, stup..

£10.99 rrp: £15.99 | save: £5.00

Erismann Flower Purple

Shiny with flower power This blown vinyl wall covering is a tasteful add-on to your home, with it..

£10.99 rrp: £15.99 | save: £5.00

Erismann Myself Grey and Pink

Do it for your family and no one else This is a lush, must-have wallpaper that will add that..

£12.99 rrp: £18.99 | save: £6.00

Fine Decor Kariba Sidewall light Purple

Jungle fever This is an amazing new design combined with a floral leopard print, giving you your ..

£11.99 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.00

Grand Deco Art Nouveau Purple

Say Hello your New WallpaperThe Art Nouveau wallpaper is a real class act. A beautifully ornate purp..

£11.99 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.00

Grand Deco Elise Plum Stripe

 Versatile, bold, stylish and timeless The Elise striped wallpaper, in plum and tonal beige ..

£11.99 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.00

Grand Deco Emotions Pink Light Purple

Your next wallpaper has arrived This is a super soft, luxury wallpaper. With its light floral loo..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Grand Deco Kew Purple

Tweet TweetCome on, take me home – you know you want to! My name’s Fiona. What’s yours?This is a fan..

£9.99 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.00

Grand Deco Regal Stripe Plum

Stripily Regal Stripily – is that even a word? It is now! Strong, vinyl, paste-the-paper wallp..

£11.99 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.00

Holden Decor Bowland Heather

Fancy getting lost in the woods?This sumptuous Bowland heather wallpaper features a beautiful, all-o..

£12.99 rrp: £18.99 | save: £6.00