Pale Blue Wallpaper

Pale Blue Wallpaper

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Erismann Fun Stars Blue

This gorgeous wallpaper will make you want to reach for the stars. This chic and a subtle design inj..

NOW: £7.99 WAS: £11.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Apex Blue

The impressive geometric design in blue is stylish, chic and timeless. The futuristic style has been..

NOW: £8.70 WAS: £12.99 | SAVE: £4.29

Fine Decor Apex Wave Teal

I know this is so you... well i hope it is lol Futuristic geometric design in a teal ..

NOW: £8.99 WAS: £12.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Bookcase Luxury Wallpaper

This stunning library-inspired wallpaper is perfect for bibliophiles and bookworms alike. The creati..

NOW: £8.99 WAS: £12.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Love your home Light Brown

This charming and feminine teal/light brown wallpaper would be a perfect addition to any stylis..

NOW: £10.99 WAS: £15.99 | SAVE: £5.00

Fine Decor Milno Blue

The Milno Damask wallpaper is a real class act. A beautifully ornate tonal light blue damask wi..

NOW: £11.99 WAS: £16.99 | SAVE: £5.00

Fine Decor Peacock Duck Egg Blue

This fab paper is cleanable and strippable. It will go on with ease as its backing is wall frien..

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Riva Tree Teal

This stunning wallpaper is full of autumn /winter charm and would add a dash of character into&..

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Fine Decor Unicorn White

This unicorn fab paper is cleanable and strippable. it will make any girls day It will go ..

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Grandeco Aquarelle Bluebell

This flowery wallpaper will brighten up any room with its fresh and bold style. Floral wallpaper is ..

NOW: £7.50 WAS: £10.99 | SAVE: £3.49

Grandeco Porto Blue

This gorgeous kitchen tile design blue wallpaper will instantly give add room a refreshing and homel..

NOW: £8.99 WAS: £12.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Holden Decor Amaya Teal

This statement paper is extremely feminine and alluring and would instantly inject your home with br..

NOW: £12.99 WAS: £18.99 | SAVE: £6.00