Lime Wallpaper

Lime Wallpaper
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Grand Deco Wood Block Teal

 Are you there, Woody? Have you seen Buzz? With this wood-effect wallpaper, you will never n..


Holden Decor Amaya Teal

Leave a lasting impression on your visitors... This colourful blue/teal floral wallpaper depicts ..


Holden Decor Regent Teal

Floral fashion... The Regent wallpaper encompasses graceful petals in a teal and lime colour with..


Holden Decor Starburst Teal

Floral fashion... The Starburst wallpaper encompasses graceful, star-like petals and a lime, blac..


Rasch Graffiti Green

Graffiti rules our streets, apparently!A fun wallpaper for your little dudes and dudettes. The ..


Rasch Kids Club Graffiti Black

Graffiti rules our streets, apparently! A fun wallpaper for your little dudes and dudettes. ..


Rasch Multi Brick Green

Special BrickThis would add that finishing touch to any room – with its lime green quirky brick look..


Rasch Time for Tea Lime

Love a cuppa? Show it some Kitchen Love... The modern, fun Kitchen Love design features teapots, ..


Rasch Tropical Parrots

 Jungle Fever anyone? Come on, take me home – you know you want to! i 'll sing for you..