Light Brown Wallpaper

Light Brown Wallpaper

Light brown has an understated and comfortable feel that makes it one of the most accessible wallpaper colours. It blends in with most decoration styles, helping your house feel more like a home. You find these earthy tones used in many types of designs, from graphic prints that grab your attention to opulent stripes that convey a sense of refinement and class. From an antique pastoral feel to contemporary urban grit, light brown wallpapers transport you and your guests to anywhere you want. 

If you're not sure exactly which neutral tone you're looking for, start by casting your net wide. With light brown, you can find all the variations you could want of taupe, tan, beige and cream, with an ecru and fawn or two thrown in for good measure. Plush Wallpaper has quality wallpapers in neutrals to fit every room in your home, and then some.

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Arthouse Stag Cream

Pets are for life, not just for XmasAn excellent design showing that these animals have a home too. ..


Coswigs Belcanto Light Cream

Happy living with this wallpaper! This is the only wallpaper that you will ever need! It has a fa..


Debona Crystal Stripe Black

Complements any room The Crystal Stripe wallpaper in beige and black is an opulent stri..


Debona Marrakesh Cream

In need of a holiday? How about Marrakesh – let’s go together! The Marrakesh wallpaper is a real ..


Debona Plain Beige

Its all about the glamour!Are you in with the Glamour? The beige wallpaper is of high quality offeri..


Erismann Magnolia Brown

Steal Magnolia… The Magnolia wallpaper is a beautiful rendition of brown magnolia flowers with be..


Erismann Rubinia Light Cream

This is as flamboyant as it gets with wallpaper – there simply is no other! This rich, light crea..


Erismann Wood Brown

Are you there, Woody? Have you seen Buzz? With this wood-effect wallpaper, you will never need to..


Fine Decor Woodland Beige

Fancy getting lost in the woods? This sumptuous Woodland Cream on brown wallpaper features a beau..


Galerie Wallcoverings Cuppa Beige

Can you see your cuppa here?The modern and fun Kitchen Love Cappuccino design is a coffee/Cuppa wall..


Galerie Wallcoverings Damask Gold

The beauty of natural lines...The textured Gold damask wallpaper illustrates the beauty of nature in..


Galerie Wallcoverings Shade Stripe Beige

Complements any roomThe Shades Stripe wallpaper is an opulent stripe design in beige and on a white&..


Galerie Wallcoverings Shades Damask Beige

Feeling RegalA beige background with a white floral/damask trailA flat finish in a beige damask &nbs..


Galerie Wallcoverings Shades Floritina Begie

Leave a lasting impression on your visitors...The Florentine wallpaper is an opulent floral trail de..


Galerie Wallcoverings Shades Squares Beige

For you!Futuristic geo design in a beautiful beige square design on a flat background, with roots in..