Heather Wallpaper

Heather Wallpaper

It is no secret that heather has soothing properties that have been used for meditation and relaxation. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that heather wallpaper can have a similar effect on the interior of your home. With Plush Wallpaper, you can browse effortlessly for rich florentine prints, deco stripes or creative motifs that are made from the finest materials, and free samples are available upon request. If you like to travel, try a delicate calligraphy print with images of stamps, kites and butterflies. For a more whimsical look, shimmery feathers are also a great choice.

Another perk with Plush Wallpaper is that you will be supplied with free wall paste. If you order three rolls of wallpaper, you will also get a convenient scraper to help with your project, and your delivery will arrive in three to five business days.

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