Holden Decor Wallpaper

Holden Decor Wallpaper

Holden Decor Wallpaper can help to bring your walls to life with designs that are as unique as you are. The diverse range of wallpapers includes all kinds of colours, textures and patterns, so there is sure to be something that suits your style.

Holden Decor is a British based company that has been creating unique wallpaper designs since 1991. The innovative design studio produces a wide range of wallpapers using all of the latest materials and techniques. Holden Decor wallpapers are manufactured to the highest standards and they include paper, vinyl and textured wallpapers to suit every taste. Holden Decor are up to date with all of the latest interior design trends.

The Holden Decor design team has created a variety of wallpapers to suit all kinds of rooms. We have chosen some of the most unique styles from the collection for sale on our website, including some traditional designs with a contemporary twist. You will find some fun wallpapers for children's rooms alongside elegant, timeless designs and bold statement pieces that can add something special to your home. Take a look at our Holden Decor Wallpaper selection to find the style that is perfect for your room.

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Debona Dotty White

who's the best in your house?This would add that finishing touch to any room. With this black,grey&n..

£11.99 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.00

Grand Deco Aquarelle Natural

Fresh Natural of Bel Air Aquarelle Natural is a fresh and elegant wallpaper for use in both class..

£10.00 rrp: £14.99 | save: £4.99

Grand Deco Library Red Blue and Brown

Are any of these books yours? This is a one-of-a-kind wallpaper! It has that glow like never seen..

£9.50 rrp: £13.99 | save: £4.49

Granite Black

Crystal LushThis would add that finishing touch to any room. With this black crystal, textured&..

£14.99 rrp: £20.99 | save: £6.00

Granite White

Crystal LushThis would add that finishing touch to any room. With this white crystal, textured ..

£13.99 rrp: £19.99 | save: £6.00

Holden Decor a Pug Life Blue

Can you spot your best buddy? An excellent design with man’s best friend in fram..

£13.99 rrp: £19.99 | save: £6.00

Holden Decor Aloha White

What shall I pin up today?How about all my holiday events.The pinboard wallpaper in the co..

£13.99 rrp: £19.99 | save: £6.00

Holden Decor Amaya Teal

Leave a lasting impression on your visitors... This colourful blue/teal floral wallpaper depicts ..

£12.99 rrp: £18.99 | save: £6.00

Holden Decor Apex Tile Silver

Fancy a bit of Trend!This would add that finishing touch to any room. With this silver glitter ..

£14.99 rrp: £20.99 | save: £6.00

Holden Decor Aragon Beige

It’s all about the glamour! Are you in with the glamour? This wallpaper is of high quality, offer..

£11.99 rrp: £16.99 | save: £5.00

Holden Decor Best Friends Forever white

As girly as it gets! A fun wallpaper for that special princess in your life. This cool Best Frien..

£10.99 rrp: £15.99 | save: £5.00

Holden Decor Bowland Heather

Fancy getting lost in the woods?This sumptuous Bowland heather wallpaper features a beautiful, all-o..

£12.99 rrp: £18.99 | save: £6.00