Galerie Wallcoverings

Galerie Wallcoverings

Galerie Wallcoverings have created a superb selection of high quality wallpapers to suit every taste. The range includes both traditional and modern designs in a wide variety of colours, so there is sure to be something that catches your eye.

The British based Galerie Wallcoverings have been producing wallpaper for more than 25 years. Their designs are now being sold around the world. Galerie continue to create high quality wall coverings that keep up with the latest trends in interior design. The beautiful designs are manufactured to the highest standards, so you can be sure that you are getting the best wallpaper for your home when you choose a Galerie product.

Our selection of wallpapers from Galerie Wallcoverings includes both traditional and contemporary designs in a broad range of different styles. We have picked out some of the most unique patterns in the Galerie collection to help you to find the right style for your home. You will find cute designs for children's rooms, elegant patterns in subtle colours, and bold statement pieces for when you want to make a dramatic change to your decor. Take a look at what's on offer to find the perfect wallpaper for any room in your home.

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Galerie Deauville Distressed Ink Blue

Due to its stunning design, this wallpaper is very distinct. This faded Ink blue shade is known for ..

NOW: £51.99 WAS: £72.99 | SAVE: £21.00

Galerie Deauville Ethereal Blue

With an extremely appealing tone, this maritime wallpaper enhances any room of your house. It blends..

NOW: £51.99 WAS: £72.99 | SAVE: £21.00

Galerie Deauville Ruby Maroon

This maroon infinity knot wallpaper signifies royalty and class. A repeat pattern of diamonds with i..

NOW: £51.99 WAS: £72.99 | SAVE: £21.00

Galerie Deauville Twisty Blue

This wallpaper with blue crisscross geometric figures on off white background, will add life to your..

NOW: £51.00 WAS: £71.99 | SAVE: £20.99

Galerie Wallcoverings Blubs Grey

Our blubs are the best! if you need some come to Plush Wallpaper. This wallpaper design makes the pe..

NOW: £51.99 WAS: £72.99 | SAVE: £21.00

Galerie Wallcoverings City life Sugar Skull Grey

This is a must have wallpaper a super lush skull design.. The beautiful grey colour is a delightful ..

NOW: £51.99 WAS: £72.99 | SAVE: £21.00

Galerie Deauville Light Beige

To give a trendy vintage look to your house, this wallpaper is the best choice. It has a wooden text..

NOW: £51.99 WAS: £72.99 | SAVE: £21.00

Galerie Deauville Vibrant Blue

This maritime wallpaper with a Vibrant blue shade and the unique architectural style is the best cho..

NOW: £52.99 WAS: £74.99 | SAVE: £22.00

Galerie Deauville Majestic Black and White

Remember the last time you gifted flowers to your loved ones? With this surreal wallpaper, daily gif..

NOW: £54.99 WAS: £76.99 | SAVE: £22.00

Galerie Deauville Subtle Shade Of Grey

Don't have a garden? Don't worry, with this wallpaper, bring home the floral freshness. The doo..

NOW: £51.99 WAS: £72.99 | SAVE: £21.00

Galerie Deauville Magical Black and White

This contemporary owl print geometrical wallpaper is aesthetically beautiful. The wallpaper has clos..

NOW: £51.99 WAS: £72.99 | SAVE: £21.00