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About Plush Wallpaper


With over 31 years of retail experience, we are a professional wallpaper merchant who take great pride in our customer service and look after our customers well. With many hundreds of wallpaper designs that are suitable for every taste, you will no doubt find the right wallpaper for you !

You can even test our samples, which are sent out in thousands on a yearly basis, reflecting the thriving nature of our business. Selling wallpaper that is quality assured and from the top suppliers in the industry, we guarantee you wallpaper of the highest quality.


Holden Decor Harlen Pale Pink

NOW: £0.00 WAS: £0.99 | SAVE: £0.99

Mind The Gap Bijoux

NOW: £150.00 WAS: £210.99 | SAVE: £60.99

Mind The Gap Fish Eye

NOW: £150.00 WAS: £210.99 | SAVE: £60.99

Mind The Gap Periodic Table of Elements

NOW: £150.00 WAS: £210.99 | SAVE: £60.99

Rasch Bambino Foxes Cream

NOW: £9.99 WAS: £13.99 | SAVE: £4.00

Mind The Gap Exotic Fruit

NOW: £150.00 WAS: £210.99 | SAVE: £60.99

Mind The Gap Birds of Paradise

NOW: £150.00 WAS: £210.99 | SAVE: £60.99

Holden Decor Lia Rose Gold

NOW: £18.99 WAS: £26.99 | SAVE: £8.00